Give Some Examples of Teamwork

Last updated : 24 September 2013

Examples of teamwork – when have you worked in a team? How did you enjoy it?
Some examples could be:

Give Some Examples of Teamwork

  • I worked within a small office team and we did not get on very well so the communication was very poor. As a result emails were being missed and customers were getting understandably angry as their requests had not been dealt with. After this first happened I spoke to my other team members and we discussed our poor communication and how we are in the role to work and not let our personal conflicts take over. From then on we devised a system so that nothing else was missed and we communicated better.
  • Teamwork can also be found outside of the work place in a game of sports – playing tennis, football etc with a group of friends, working together as a team to ensure you reach the same goal.
  • Teamwork can be found in committees maybe running events, debates at university, extracurricular activities and how the team works together to ensure smooth running.
  • Service personnel work together in a team to ensure they fight for their country and support their country.

You will be asked this to show how you have worked in a particular situation, what you are like to work with, can you work with others or do you prefer working on your own?

An interviewer will want to know that the experiences you have had before are similar to how the operate so that you will fit into their companies culture.

When talking about examples of team work you must always end on a good note showing what contribution you had to put something right if it had gone wrong and how you went about this and how if something similar happened in a new role how you would deal with it.

Good Luck.